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What Are The Characteristics Of Tempered Glass Cover

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1, earthquake resistant, 3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass.

2, strong heat resistance, can withstand the temperature difference of about 240 degrees, 3 times higher than the general glass.

3, completely do not scrape hands, broken into powder, no sharp edge

4, dishwasher safe to use

5, scratch resistance, wear resistance, because the tempered glass is made of high-density glass, not easy to break, no stains.

Edge ring advantages: full selection of thickened stainless steel, 201#, 202#, 301#, 304# raw materials can be produced, ring shape, scale and glass shape fine match, ring without concave, wrinkling, mirror polishing or fine sand without pitting, uniform lines, no hair coke, flat welding, lubrication.

Advantages of glass lid: All the selection of national standard automotive float glass plate, toughened particles, impact resistance and temperature resistance are up to the specifications of high-quality glass cover, fine grinding edge without bright spots, no violent edge holes, no heavy, long scratches, no stones, no bubbles, the usual use of non-rusting rivet lubrication does not scratch hands, arch cover is full, beautiful, the selection of lead-free materials printing, printing, Full selection of active electric furnace firing (tempered), glass transparent, clarity is very good, from quality stainless steel ring to high-quality tempered glass cover products is a one-stop production and continuous development of new products in the national peer alone advantage

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